About Our Network

The Beyond network is designed to foster collaboration among AI enthusiasts, researchers, and developers. Our platform enables members to engage in collaborative projects, share resources, and innovate together.

Utility Token Grants

Our utility token grants provide an opportunity to host your own agent within our ecosystem, develop products on top of it, and collaborate with other developers. This collaborative environment helps in building more sophisticated solutions collectively.

As part of our commitment to sustaining the network, the Verein expects a 10% donation from all paid incoming traffic to agents. This helps us maintain and grow our ecosystem for the benefit of all members.

Member Benefits

Being a member of the Beyond network comes with several benefits:

  • IPV6 Hosting: Enjoy free IPV6 hosting and club networking.
  • GPU Hosting: GPU hosting may be available to cover project needs, though it's not guaranteed.

Join Our Network

If you're interested in joining our AI network and leveraging these opportunities, contact us for more information on how to become a member.