Our Grant Programs

Beyond offers a variety of grant programs to support the AI community. Our grants are designed to provide financial assistance to universities, volunteers of the association, researchers, and developers working on innovative AI projects.

Grants in BYNDAI Utility Tokens

We provide grants in BYNDAI utility tokens, which can be used within our ecosystem for various purposes, including accessing resources. This ensures that our support remains within the community and helps drive further growth and innovation.

University Grants

Our university grants aim to support academic research and development in AI. We provide funding to universities to foster cutting-edge research, promote educational programs, and support student-led initiatives.

Volunteer Grants

Volunteers are the backbone of our association. We offer grants to dedicated volunteers who have made significant contributions to our projects and initiatives. These grants recognize their efforts and provide additional support for their continued involvement.

Application Process

Applying for a grant is simple. Follow these steps:

  • Decide what you would like to propose in the network.
  • Send us a letter through the form on our contact page
  • Our team will review your application and notify you of the outcome. Successful applicants will receive their grants in BYNDAI utility tokens.

We are very inclusive!

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need further information about our grant programs, please contact us.